Top Tips - Shopping Vintage & Secondhand

I am a huge fan of vintage and thrift shopping, I just love it. I feel this sense of competition when perusing second-hand wares, like I am competing to find the best hidden gem for the best price. For me, it's not just about getting a cool item but getting it for so cheap that when someone asks where it's from I can proudly say I got it for $5 and wait for their incredulous response. It's a similar thrill I get when finding amazing buys at fast fashion retailers but we'll save that for another post. Today I wanted to talk about my top tips for buying from vintage, thrift and second-hand stores and highlight some of the looks I have worn on Fizz and Fade that include vintage pieces I have scored over the past year.

Vintage Find : Men's Hawaiian Shirt

Tip #1 : Think Outside the Box

I don't focus on the womenswear section of a vintage shop, I look at everything. Men's, children's, home goods...I scour all of it. With changing trends, there are often styles worn by men or kids of yesteryear that are now on-trend for women. Case in point - Hawaiian shirts. Last summer I had seen some pricey versions of the classic vacation topper being sold by trendy retailers such as NET-A-PORTER and Revolve. My local vintage shop had some great Hawaiian the men's section of course. Some quick alterations to narrow the width and tack the rolled sleeves and I ended up with the above shirt (worn originally in this post). I have also found sweaters in the kids section, shawls in the home section and jackets in the men's section so make sure you get a look at everything not just the pieces for "women".

Vintage Find : Women's Housedress Re-designed Into Wrap Skirt

Tip #2 : Fabric First, Fit Second

Unless the item in question is super teeny, the fit of a vintage piece is totally irrelevant. I scan the racks for fabrics before I even pull anything out to see what it looks like. Why? Because everything can be altered, tailored and adjusted but the fabric is what you're stuck with. Just by scanning the racks I can see if there are specific colors, prints or textures that catch my eye. I found a bright blue floral housedress last spring at my vintage shop that was a size XXL. It was comically huge on me when I tried it on. Which was the jackpot in my eyes since it meant I had a ton of fabric to work with. I ended up cutting this up and creating the above wrap skirt with the fabric (worn originally in this post). I know not everyone is going to create a brand new piece like I did, but simple alterations are easily done by any tailor. So focus on the fabrics, not the fit. You can never go wrong with a great vintage print!

Vintage Find : Beaded Clutch

Tip #3 : Look Off the Beaten Path

Unless you are willing to pay more than you have to, never go to the famous vintage shop or market looking to buy clothes. They jack the prices up at these places since they know tons of tourists will be there. Instead I like to hit up the the more unexpected spots. Beyond my local vintage shop, I check out Goodwill, Salvation Army and random mom and pop shops. Oftentimes the people who are shopping at these stores aren't interested or even know what the "trendy" styles are so your competition for finding an amazing piece is way less. I even scored a beaded blush chiffon vintage flapper dress from Buffalo Exchange for $12 once, so I don't write those places off either. On one visit to Goodwill I found the above white beaded clutch (worn originally in this post) sitting in a bin in the "accessories" section. Though I imagine it is from the 80's, it had a great Art Deco feel to it and has served me well at multiple weddings. I think it cost $6 or so, can't beat that.

So those are my top tips! I hope this has inspired you to get out there and dig for hidden gems at your local vintage, thrift or secondhand store. Not only will it save you some money, you get something totally unique and help reduce waste by recycling old items. Let me know if you have any other tips for finding great vintage!

Gift Guide - The Beauty Junkie

We may be wearing more layers in the winter but that doesn't mean we should be neglecting our most precious personal feature - our skin! If your are on the lookout for gifts to give the Beauty Junkie or you want to give yourself some extra TLC this holiday season, these gift ideas will help beautify you from the inside and out.

Glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask - This eye mask is infused with copper, an essential mineral known to enhance skin appearance for a healthy, youthful glow. Wearing this mask while you sleep has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the very least it helps you sleep in a little later on the weekends. 

Fresh Rose Face Mask - One of my favorite face masks. The rose petals tone, soothe and hydrate all at the same time. Plus it smells divine.

Oaui Treatment Masque - I love my Oaui wave spray and have been itching to try out more of their products. This treatment repairs damaged hair, increases resistance to future damage AND mends split ends. Triple threat!

Silk Pillowcase - I have been reading for years about the beauty benefits of sleeping on a smooth silk pillowcase, now may be the time to finally give it a go.

Gua Sha - I snagged a gua sha tool after reading about the benefits and have been using it nightly every since. Smoother skin, reduced puffiness and a more defined jawline are all benefits - done, done and done.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - My all-time favorite serum. Light, soothing and multi-purpose, I always feel glowier the morning after I use this.

Get Gorgeous Tea - Health teas are poised to become the next juice trend, as sipping the right blend can improve your skin, sleep, energy, even digestive system. This Get Gorgeous tea eases stress, improves skin tone and tastes delish.

Nails Inc Nail Grow Treatment - Who doesn't want stronger, healthier nails? Simply use this base coat before painting and step up your hand game.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - Lightweight yet still super moisturizing this cream is a favorite of mine and now comes with sunscreen - which is essential, even in the winter months!

Beauty Dust - Meant to "enlighten cognitive powers, clarity and memory while aligning to the mighty cosmic flow" this supplement is as trendy as they come. Who knows if it works, but the cache alone makes it worth a try.

Shopping For : Statement Tops Under $100

The holidays are here and that means our calendars are packed with work events, family gatherings and celebrating out on the town. Dressing nicely for all those occasions is tough, I feel the pain. I always want wear something that is "fancy" enough but still comfortable. Also with the cooler temps, baring my shoulders suddenly seems overly revealing, not to mention shiver-inducing. Today I've assembled a selection of statement tops that will work for all your events and take you into the New Year. Bonus - they are all under $100!

This bow-sleeved top and this ruffle top from SHEIN are super steals for under $15 (how can that be?!). This voluminous top from Madewell and this layered version from J.Crew are similar to a favorite in my closet (as seen in photo above) and incredibly versatile. This knotted wrap top from Topshop is sure to be flattering on all body types, even with festive indulgences! Lastly, this knot-front version from J.Crew and this dotted blouse from Forever21 add some print while still being understated enough to wear often. What do you guys like to wear to dressier events in the cooler months? Need all the inspiration I can get!

Gift Guide - The Careerist / Worker Bee

We all know someone who loves to get sh*t done, whether at work or on the weekends, or maybe all the time. They have a busy schedule but somehow are able to do it all and then some. They know the best apps, the quickest way to get anywhere and how to make the most of every situation. What could this person possibly need?! The answer? Ways to make their daily life even more productive

This Gift Guide is for the person in your life who has a lot going on and is always looking for ways to get it done, more efficiently - The Careerist / Worker Bee.

Gift List - The Careerist / Worker Bee

Charging Cable - at work, at home, on the go, this is a necessity! Bonus points for a phone cord that is patterned and chic like this one

Initial Key Chain - always on the move, why not make it personal? First or last name works equally well for a fun keychain

State Candle - for the constant traveler, give them something that feels homey and familiar, like the scent of their home state

Wireless Headphones - ain't nobody got time for headphone cords. Make the commute much more bearable with wireless buds

Travel Cocktails - a work trip/family trip/anything trip needs something to take the edge off, like a tasty cocktail mid-flight

Habits, Goals and Productivity Journals - write it down, get it done. These books get the Worker Bee all set for the New Year

Plaid Scarf (original sold out, similar) - you gotta be comfortable in order to concentrate, a plaid scarf is a go-anywhere staple

On-The-Go Vietnamese Coffee Maker - nothing beats a delish coffee to kick start any project or workday, especially some Vietnamese coffee! One of my personal favorites

Glass To-Go Mug - you need something to put that Vietnamese coffee in on the way to the office, the KeepCup mugs are practical and chic

In Case You Missed It...

I started my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide series last week with my favorite finds for Black Friday - check out for some great gift inspiration, whether for yourself or others!

Gift Guide - Black Friday Finds

With Black Friday coming up, you may be getting asked by friends and family what is on your holiday wish-list. Or maybe you're looking to pick up a few pieces for yourself with all the great deals going on. Whichever camp you fall into, today's post is here to provide some shopping inspiration and critical Black Friday discount information before we getting into the thick of it tomorrow. 

I've put together a collection of Gift Guides that I will be sharing throughout the next month to help with planning your holiday shopping. Whether you need something for your mom, best friend or husband, I got you covered. So let's kick things off!


December is the perfect time to add some festive spirit through accessories. As I clearly expressed in my last post, ribbons are making a comeback. A bedazzled bow looks greats with a half-up pony, as styled by J.Crew. A holiday plaid scarf is a classic staple that will serve you well for years to come, especially each December. - 20% OFF HOLIDAY CARDS, GIFTS, FINE ART, AND HOME DECOR $150+ | 15% OFF EVERYTHING. CODE: BF2017

We're big fans of Minted, having used them for our Save the Dates and to purchase various pieces of art for our apartment (including this print and this print). They have some great holiday cards to send to family and friends this season as well, which is a perfect thing to stock up on for Black Friday.

& Other Stories - take up to 50% off select items from Friday through Monday

A red dress during the holidays is par for the course, why not change things up with a red printed version instead? A crisp black loafer easily transitions from work to parties without skipping a beat and the ribbon look is on-trend.

Anthropologie - 30% off Everything

Before all the seasonal parties and potlucks, brush up on your healthy cooking skills with a new cookbook and light a delicious new candle while you do it. A printed wallet that doubles as a clutch is a great way to liven up your existing party wardrobe and can work well past New Years.

Other great sales to take advantage of:

Asos - Up to 60% off for Black Friday

Topshop - Up to 50% off and Free Shipping

Shopbop - Get 20% off orders of $200+  25% off orders of $500+ and 30% off orders of $800+ with code "MORE17"

Holiday Bows

I had been seeing hair ribbons and bows popping up all over and felt compelled to give the look a try. After all, I have a soft spot for all feminine touches like ruffles, flounces and florals so a hair ribbon was right up my alley. To test out the trend I did what I do best, a little DIY. I made this bow out of some extra fabric I had and affixed it to a hair elastic and voila! I plan on making some more similar options of varying lengths, fabrics and sizes so be prepared for more bow posts in the future!

Heart of Marigold

Don't miss out on these discounts!

BAUBLEBAR  - 20% off one pair of earrings with code EARRINGS20 or 25% of two pairs with code EARRINGS 25%

Shopbop (dress, skirt, bag, shoes) - Free 3-day shipping and free returns with an Amazon Prime membership

NET-A-PORTER (sweater, top, pants) - Free 3-day shipping and free returns within the US

Mad for Plaid

Trend Alert : Graphic Sweatshirt

Click any of the items above to shop directly right from this post!

Love your cozy sweaters but looking for a fall wardrobe update? Give a graphic sweatshirt a try this season! I love the look of a casual sweatshirt paired with something a little fancier for a stylish high-low mix. Pair it with a midi skirt and booties or with high-waisted jeans and a long coat. And of course you can always wear it with your loungewear around the house too like a normal person.

Wardrobe Update: Neutral Knits

Click the sweaters above to get to product details on each!


I really believe you can never have too many neutral sweaters. They can be worn so many times and are totally season-less. I love a good crew neck sweater but when the weather gets colder there's nothing like a cozy turtleneck. Like I seem to do every year, I was recently on the hunt for some new knits to add to my rotation and thought many of you may be looking for the same thing! A few additional favorites include this chunky grey, this ruffle sleeved version, and this classic camel.