Masterworks : Unpacking Fashion

A few Sundays ago Jeff and I headed to the Met to check out the “Masterworks – Unpacking Fashion” exhibit and enjoyed a very colorful Central Park on our way into the Museum.

I have seen a few different fashion exhibits in my life and they always have a lasting impact on me, imprinting themselves into my memory, still fresh years later. I remember seeing the Schiaparelli “Shocking Pink” exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when I was in high school; viewing the quintessential Sonia Rykiel exhibit at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs when I was studying abroad in Paris during college; visiting the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit with my design team when I was working for BHLDN. The “Masterworks” exhibit was no exception and it's inspiration will undoubtedly stay with me for years to come.

Viewing fashion on tv or within a magazine you miss out on the small hard-to-see details like hand-sewn beading, intricate seaming or delicate texture of the fabric itself. A black dress can look like a simple, plain garment that can be bought anywhere. But getting to view that same beautifully designed and painstakingly constructed black dress up close brings it to a whole other level. Even a civil engineer can appreciate an amazing designer garment when viewed up close :).

I included pictures of my favorite looks from the exhibit here. Of course the photos do not do the actual garments justice, and the lighting with my iPhone was not ideal, but I wanted to share these pictures with you all for some fashion inspiration. The exhibit will be at the Met until February 5th, 2017, so if you are going to be in NYC you should check it out!

There was no exhibit book for sale for “Masterworks” but visitors were allowed to take photos of the garments. The pieces in the exhibit were selected because each represents a masterwork of it’s time, whether because of it’s construction, materials or details. I took photos of some of my favorites in the exhibit as well as a few paintings in other exhibits.

Which are your favorites? Any you’d like to wear right now?