Winter Color & Mood Inspiration

We are getting into full-blown winter season here in New York and that means cold weather and grey days. I've already found myself slipping into complacency with my outfits, opting for black, navy and grey instead of colors and prints. But, I wanted to get myself inspired and excited to push my dressing comfort zone a bit further out this season. To do so, I put together a new mood board (see above), that includes vibrant pinks, textured whites  and lots of nature motifs. These three themes may be traditionally seen as more for warmer environs, but there are no rules in fashion anymore so why can't they work for winter in New York? To prove they could work, I compiled two looks that are cold-weather ready yet still evoke exotic locations and lush fauna. 

What do you think, would you wear either of these looks this winter? Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

Look #1

  1. Top : Ellery
  2. Coat : Acne
  3. Pants : Jaeger
  4. Shoes : Gucci
  5. Bag : YSL
  6. Lipstick : Laura Mercier

Look #2

  1. Sunglasses : Marni
  2. Bag : Chloe
  3. Top : Miss Selfridge
  4. Jacket : River Island
  5. Pants : Uniqlo
  6. Shoes : Shein