DIY : Leather Tassel

Who doesn't love a tassel? You can find them everywhere these days, on bags, scarves, jewelry, even shoes. There is nothing stopping you from adding tassels to basically everything you own since they are so simple to make at home yourself. A quick Pinterest search will yield you many different tassel instructions for various materials and sizes. A few favorites of mine are these colorful hulu tassels, these tiny tassels perfect for adding to jewelry and these large yarn tassels to add to scarf or blanket.

I decided to try out a leather tassel keychain to add some life to my keys and/or bag. The instructions are super simple and the whole project took me about 10 minutes to complete (seriously). The only supplies you need are:

  • leather (faux or real)
  • strong glue
  • key ring
  • scissors
  • ruler/tape measure

Start by cutting out a square piece of your leather, I did 6" for my square. If you want to make your tassel shorter/longer scale the length up or down. To make a thinner or fatter tassel you can scale the width up or down. Leaving about a 1/4" at the top of your square, start cutting small strips from the bottom up to the top. Make sure you don't cut past the top 1/4" or you'll just cut the whole strip off. You could measure these strips out and make them perfectly the same width, but I just eye-balled it (see below).

Cut a small strip that is 1/2" in width and 2" in length. This will be the top of your tassel that connects to the key ring. Thread it through your key ring and glue the ends together (see below).

Move back to your cut square and put a line of glue along the top uncut edge (not shown in image).

Take the key ring with leather strip and place it onto the glue with the key ring at the top. Begin rolling the cut piece along the top edge with the glue so that it wraps around the small strip with the key ring. Go slowly to make sure the top edges are neatly lined up. You will wind up with the below.

Cut another strip of leather, about 1/2" in width and 3" in length. Put a line of glue along the back side of the leather (see above). Wrap this strip around the top edge of the tassel (shown below).

And that's it! You're done! So easy and fast. I want to make little leather tassels for everything now and give them out as gifts. The strips on mine are on the wider side, but you can make them narrower for a more delicate look as well. I plan to use this on my keys, on my clutch (as seen at the top of this post) on a bag, whatever! Who wants to make one now???