Gift Guide - The Careerist / Worker Bee

We all know someone who loves to get sh*t done, whether at work or on the weekends, or maybe all the time. They have a busy schedule but somehow are able to do it all and then some. They know the best apps, the quickest way to get anywhere and how to make the most of every situation. What could this person possibly need?! The answer? Ways to make their daily life even more productive

This Gift Guide is for the person in your life who has a lot going on and is always looking for ways to get it done, more efficiently - The Careerist / Worker Bee.

Gift List - The Careerist / Worker Bee

Charging Cable - at work, at home, on the go, this is a necessity! Bonus points for a phone cord that is patterned and chic like this one

Initial Key Chain - always on the move, why not make it personal? First or last name works equally well for a fun keychain

State Candle - for the constant traveler, give them something that feels homey and familiar, like the scent of their home state

Wireless Headphones - ain't nobody got time for headphone cords. Make the commute much more bearable with wireless buds

Travel Cocktails - a work trip/family trip/anything trip needs something to take the edge off, like a tasty cocktail mid-flight

Habits, Goals and Productivity Journals - write it down, get it done. These books get the Worker Bee all set for the New Year

Plaid Scarf (original sold out, similar) - you gotta be comfortable in order to concentrate, a plaid scarf is a go-anywhere staple

On-The-Go Vietnamese Coffee Maker - nothing beats a delish coffee to kick start any project or workday, especially some Vietnamese coffee! One of my personal favorites

Glass To-Go Mug - you need something to put that Vietnamese coffee in on the way to the office, the KeepCup mugs are practical and chic

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