Springtime High-Waisted Jeans

We were in Brooklyn a few weekends ago for what else, a can release, at Other Half Brewing. The weather was beautiful and warm, perfect for walking around outside. I've mentioned in the past two posts, here and here, how much I am loving high-waisted jeans right now. On this day I pulled out my lighter distressed pair from bdg and a recently purchased floral blouse. A black coat and accessories keep the look from becoming too spring-y and provide just enough warmth when in the shade.

Since we were making a trip over to Gowanus anyway we decided to check out The Big Reuse for some reclaimed wood. We are in the process of building out an "office" area of our apartment and are planning to install some large wooden shelves for storage. To keep with the character of the rest of our apartment, we want to stain reclaimed wood rather than purchase brand new boards. I hadn't been to The Big Reuse before but it was quite the experience. All manner of household goods, furniture, wood, walls of books, records piled everywhere in a large warehouse. With some motivation and imagination you can find some awesome stuff and at a great price. We walked away with our wood and new albums for our record player for under $50. Worth checking out if you are in the mood to be crafty!

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