Announcing : Magill Clothing

If you have been following along with my blog and social media posts over the past few months you have probably seen a bunch of my designed & sewn clothing. Dresses, skirts and tops are all pieces I have made and worn in many of my photos. Up until this point, these garments were simply Emily Farina designs by default, since I was the one making them. However, to consolidate and build a portfolio of my work and aesthetic that is larger than my own personal closet, I have created a label and brand name for my clothing designs – Magill.

Titled after my Mother’s maiden name, Magill brings together my aesthetic, inspiration and designs into a cohesive brand identity that one day may grow into a company. I am excited and hopeful about the future of Magill and look forward to sharing what I create with all of you.

Want see and experience Magill? Follow along by clicking below:  

Thank you for your support!