Palm Springs

Jeff had read about Painted Canyon & Ladder Canyon and was determined to check it out while we were in Palm Springs. We decided to go early one morning to avoid crowds and the afternoon heat on the trail.

The hike trail itself is not marked by any official signs, rather rock arrows guide the way. We downloaded a map of the trail before we lost service just in case we lost track of the arrows. The photo above is the entrance to the trail! You can tell it is pretty hidden unless you know what to look for.

In addition to golfing, hiking and bike riding, we spent a good number of hours during our time in Palm Springs just relaxing by the pool at the Ace. I couldn't resist getting a photo with the Ace "E" outside the pool club.

Ladder Canyon, just as the name suggests, has ladders throughout it to access the trail. The ladders are attached to the rock so that they don't fall over and strand hikers and while they looked safe enough, the trail is not for the faint of heart. The scenery inside the canyon was amazing with the sculpted rock and sand. I definitely recommend checking it out if you feel adventurous while in Palm Springs!

Once you emerge from the hidden trails you arrive at Painted Canyon with an incredible view. Definitely worth waking up early for!