Fashion Trend Forecast

Given my interest in fashion, many of my friends will often ask me what the next big trends will be. Today I wanted to share a few of my predictions for what trends will be popular in the upcoming months, especially as we move into Fall and Winter (not that I want to think about that yet!). Looking through the recent Resort 2018 presentations, I have selected three trends I'm keeping an eye on - ruffles & tiers, asymmetric one-shoulder and pleated skirts.

To start off, let's review how a trend actually comes to be. There are two paths that clothing styles typically follow in order to reach the tipping point to become a full blown trend. Some trends pop-up in a way that is totally unpredictable and out of the blue. Other trends are instead created from the slow burn of a specific aesthetic as it moves amongst people, cities and social circles. 

The second and more common type which gains traction slowly, often goes unseen by the general population until it reaches the point of fast-fashion ubiquity. At which time it can be seen anywhere and everywhere (off-the-shoulder tops, for example). However, those who are tuned in to the seasonal fashion shows and keep an eye on the industry insiders can often see these trends coming from months (or even years) away. Fashion designers consult trend forecasters for their upcoming collections. But what happens, is all the designers get the same tip and they all include the style in their collections - then we see a strong presence of a particular aspect or silhouette everywhere in the shows. Then the trend begins trickling down the funnel.

I by no means consider myself a fashion expert, however I do try to keep a finger on the fashion industry pulse. Today I have picked out a few styles that I foresee becoming more popular in the upcoming months, especially as we move into the Fall season. Those of you looking to get ahead of the curve, take notes and start stocking up now!