Design Inspiration - Vintage Sewing Patterns

Over the course of the past year I have been sharing more and more of the clothing I have created on Fizz and Fade. I have been sewing since middle school and while I've gone through periods of time where I didn't sew anything I always come back to it. I love being able to envision a garment and make it a reality hanging in my closet. As someone interested in fashion, there is no greater skill you could possess than being able to create any item you want.

When planning out what pieces I want to create, I seek inspiration in a variety of places including the streets of NYC, museums, other bloggers or vintage pieces. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is vintage sewing patterns. A quick search on Pinterest brings up a bunch of these patterns from various decades – the 80’s, 70’s even all the way back to the 30’s! I love to leverage these pattern sketches for silhouette inspiration and get some fresh ideas beyond what is currently in the market.

A style that I will be testing out next is a “pinafore” / apron-type top that you can see above in a few of the patterns. I love the mix of feminine and flirty with the ruffle details and fitted waist. To keep it a little more modern, I am envisioning this being worn on it’s own, rather than on top of another shirt. I recently got some mini black gingham fabric that may be perfect to test this out. I’ll post the finished product once I give this style a try. In the meantime, I've included some vintage inspired pieces below to get a similar look yourself!