Wardrobe Update - Bags on a Budget

I am all for saving up and splurging on a nice quality handbag as much as the next gal. But sometimes I feel like my bag game needs a quick pick-me-up and I don't want to invest in something expensive yet. I could go the route of renting a bag, look for one on ebay or just suck it up and stay with what I have. But where's the fun in that? Enter the fast fashion retailer.

I am a huge fan of fast fashion, as it lets me spice up my wardrobe with trendy pieces without sucking up lots of cash. The trick is finding the right affordable pieces that still look luxe. Easier said then done, I know. Today I wanted to share some of the budget bags that are currently available from some of my favorite fast fashion retailers. All options are under $75, most are under $50!

1. Shein, $10 // 2. J.Crew, $59 // 3. Shein, $20 // 4. Shein, $24 // 5. Mango, $30 // 6. ASOS, $48

As with everything else made by fast fashion companies, keep in mind these pieces aren't meant for heavy duty wear (ie. don't expect them to last beyond a season or two). But if you are looking for something outside your comfort or just liven up your look without the investment, why not pick up a budget bag?