Animal Prints for Fall - DIY Leopard Slip Skirt

Skirt : Magill // Jean Jacket : Forever21 // Tee : Club Monaco (old) // Sneakers : Golden Goose

I’m all about trying out new trends but there are some where I want to dabble without the investment. Namely because I can already see a few months (or weeks) down the road I won’t be into the style anymore. Dropping $$$ on something that I will wear one time is just not practical for me. Rather, I am a huge proponent of the ‘cost-per-wear’ concept, ie. I’ll pay more for something I will wear all the time. Animal prints definitely fall into the super trendy category this season that I was interested in but definitely hesitant to invest. One style in particular that I kept seeing popping up again and again was the leopard print slip skirt, in particular, one from a brand named Realisation Par. While this skirt is super cute, I was not about to pay $180 for something that I would only wear a handful of times (if that). So here is where I pull out my DIY skills and get to work.

Side note - did anyone else watch that show on the Style Network growing up “The Look for Less”? It was so good, I wish they would bring it back. And if they needed a host I would not say no…

Anywho, I wanted to try out making a simple slip skirt so that I could get the same look as the Realisation Par version but at a fraction of the price. I found this cheetah fabric online from for a mere $3.78 a yard. I figured what the hell, it’s so cheap let’s just test it out. I will say that the fabric is definitely not as nice as a true silk, but you get what you pay for.

This was my first foray into sewing a slip skirt and it comes with a few challenges. For one, it is cut on the bias so the fabric stretches - this is great for a curve-hugging look but it makes sewing tricky. Second, it was hard to estimate how fitted I would need the pattern to be because it was on the bias. I ended up cutting this a little too snugly and needed to put in a zipper at the side seam where I originally intended this to be just a slip on construction. I did end up making the pattern though, so could try out sewing another bias slip skirt in the future.

Ultimately I am pleased with the way this skirt came out. Am I going to be wearing this all the time? No probably not, but that is exactly why I wanted to make it for a couple bucks instead of paying for Realisation Par’s version. That said I added some affordable animal print styles if you want to try out the trend this season, also without the investment. If you are interested in other DIYs and looks for less, check out my Golden Goose DIY I recently posted here.

What other DIYs/look for less trends would you guys like to see? Let me know in the comments below!