Fall Hair Inspiration - Ribbons and Scarves

When I was preparing for my wedding I went on Pinterest to look up hair ideas. After searching “wedding hair” I was dismayed to find pretty much nothing that looked like the hair styles I had in mind. You see, I am not an up-do person, never have been. The few times I have had up-dos done I hated how I looked in them, it just didn’t feel like me. What makes me feel most beautiful is when I feel like myself. In the world of hair, feeling like myself for me is soft, easy, carefree waves. I have been styling my hair this way since I learned to use a curling iron back in high school and I don’t see myself changing this up any time soon. If it ain’t broke right?

While there is something to be said for having a consistent style I also like to try out new things - that’s why I am in fashion right? Considering my affinity for the beachy waves, I have been pinning lots of new inspiration images to my Pinterest beauty board that incorporate an easy waved style but add a bit more interest with ribbons and scarves. Today I wanted to share some of my favorites that I’ll be trying out this Fall and encourage you to break out of your hairstyle rut as well. A scarf or ribbon tied into a pony tail is a great way to add color, texture and print to an otherwise simple outfit.

I want to make a side note here about hair extensions. I, like many other women, got hair extensions for my wedding. While wearing them everyday is not something I will ever do since it is just too maintenance for me, I do love the extra oomph they give me for braids and ponytails. Getting some quality hair extensions that you can use from time to time is definitely something I recommend if your hair is on the finer side like mine is. I got my set from Wigs and Plus in NYC, but I have also heard great things about Barefoot Blonde Hair and Luxy Hair.

If you’re curious you can check out me wearing my extensions in this post, this post, this post and this post. And of course in any of my wedding photos and the top image in this post.