Geometric Midi Dress

It’s Fall in San Diego but we are still pretty much in Summer weather here. Before I moved here I always heard about how the weather was perfect everyday but until I lived here I didn’t really understand what that meant. Now I get it. Nearly every day is the kind of day where you walk outside and say “wow, what a nice day!”. I find myself still saying that every day and somehow being surprised. I should know by now, it’s just so hard to believe it really is just constantly nice out. For Thanksgiving we went up to San Francisco to visit with friends instead of making the cross-country flight to our families. While up in SF the weather was decidedly different than San Diego - rainy, cloudy, chilly. But for an indoor holiday like Thanksgiving it was actually a little refreshing. That said, I was happy to return home on Saturday to sun and warm breezes.

The dress I am wearing in this post is one I have thought about for awhile now. As I spoke about in my last post, I am all about long sleeve dresses this season. While I do love a good mini dress, midi dresses have been my silhouette of choice this year. The length is so versatile, whether being worn to the office, a wedding or out and about. There is something about the longer hem that feels effortless and uncontrived. I also love that I get the luxurious feel of lots of fabric but don’t have to worry about tripping on it like a maxi dress. So getting back to this dress - I wanted to make a midi dress that was easy to wear, chic and above all comfortable. The tiered skirt adds volume and movement, the sleeves and v-neck balance out the coverage and skin elements and the waist sash cinches it all in to actually be flattering.

This dress is going to be a part of the 5 piece collection I am launching with for my brand, Magill. I truly believe this style is a staple that can be worn so many ways and so many times while making the wearer feel great. And that really is what my brand is about - versatile feminine clothing for the modern woman that makes her feel like her best self. I will be sharing more details of the launch timing in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I have included some similar long sleeve midi dresses that I LOVE. Happy Cyber Monday!

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