Recent Beauty Favorites

I love testing out new hair and skincare products. But what I love even more than testing them out is telling my friends about which ones they should try. Today's post is dedicated to my recent favorites in hair and skin care. Some of these products you may already know and love. If nothing else I hope it gets you excited to try out something new! Let's get to it!

Milkshake Foam Conditioner Mousse – Any brunettes who get blonde highlights know about the constant battle that is fought against brassiness. Here’s what happens – I leave the salon and my highlights look great. A few week go by and this yellow-orange shade starts to creep in. Before you know it my highlights have faded to a dull warm shade of blah. When I recently got my balayage done at Bianchi I asked for recommendations on which purple shampoo and conditioner will help fight off brass best. This Milkshake Shampoo and Conditioner came highly recommended and so far have been great. The conditioner is actually a leave-in mousse that you apply before blow-drying, bonus points since it smells really good. I can noticeably tell when I use either the shampoo or conditioner that my hair looks brighter, lighter and more refreshed. A small step in the battle against the brass.

Healthy Sexy Hair – I have been using this leave-in conditioner for I don’t know how long. Years and years. I first heard about via Lauren Conrad and I’ve always been a fan of her hair. I spray this onto clean damp hair, concentrating on my ends and comb through. It does a great job of detangling and conditioning my fine strands and is super lightweight so it’s nearly impossible to add too much. Pro tip – I buy a large size from Amazon and just refill my spray bottle whenever it get’s low. It’s cheaper than continually replacing the spray bottle size and I also fill up a mini spray bottle to take with me when traveling.

Kristin Ess Working Texture Spray – I spoke a lot about wave sprays in this post and mentioned Kristin Ess’s texture spray. I’ve recently been going for a more relaxed wave and I like that this spray has a lighter hold than the Oribe and Ouai options I sometimes use. Plus it’s cheaper.

Kiehl's Line Reducing Concentrate – I am a huge fan of all Kiehl's products, I actually took twelves empties to my local store last weekend to exchange for a free product. This line reducing concentrate has become a recent favorite of mine for improving skin texture and adding a radiant glow. I see a noticeable difference in my skin after putting this on the night before.

Garnier Ultra-Lift Eye Cream – I have been using for this eye cream for the past six months or so and with consistent use I definitely see a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. I don’t particular have an issue with dark circles so if that is something you struggle with this may not be your best bet. But if you are looking to soften some crows feet and don’t already have an eye cream you love, give this one a try.

Klorane Dry Shampoo – I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoo, my hair is so fine that I really feel I need to wash it every day. However when I do use dry shampoo I always reach for this one from Klorane. I’ve tried a bunch of brands and never found one that worked as well as this does. I’ll even spray this onto clean roots to get some extra lift if my hair is looking a little flat. They have a brown-tinted version but I find the white one is easy to blend so the tint is unnecessary.

GHD Soft Curling Iron - I have been curling my hair for years and up until about a year ago I was using a cheap curling iron from target. Once the base started falling apart I decided to get a new one. This GHD iron is awesome, it heats up super fast and never gets caught in my hair. I use this pretty much every day to put waves in my hair.

GHD Air Hairdryer - Jeff picked this blow dryer up for me since he knew how much I love my GHD curling iron. Since I had been using a drugstore dryer for awhile this has felt like a major upgrade. 

Fresh Rose Face Mask – This mask smells like a dream and is perfect to getting a glow back when my skin is dull and just looking blah.

First Aid Beauty Face Mask – This multi-tasking mask is great whenever my skin needs a general pick-me-up. The gel formula is super soothing on redness as well.

Gua Sha Tool – I first read about gua sha tools in Allure magazine back in November of last year. As someone who tends to get puffy in the face, I was curious to see if this could actually help to define and tone my jawline and cheek bones. It could totally be a placebo effect, but I think it works! I’ve noticed less puffiness and facial bloating when I use the tool and it even helped to decongest my sinuses when I was battling a cold. You can order a gua sha off Amazon for pretty cheap then you’ll need to do some YouTube watching to make sure you know how to use it. I use mine with either some moisturizer or a nighttime serum. I think the jade is really pretty and it makes me feel like I’m in a spa when I use – so whether it works or not I like it!