New Season, New Glasses

Glasses : Eyebuy Direct (use code IFS2RYQ3ZD for $10 off your order!) / Coat : Old Navy (similar) // Sweatshirt : Forever 21 (similar) // Jeans : Urban Outfitters // Shoes : Bettye Muller // Bag : Phillip Lim  // Jean Jacket : Forever 21 (similar)

When I first found out I needed glasses I was nine years old and I cried. A lot. I felt like I was doomed to be a nerd for the rest of my life. So dramatic, I know. Although, considering how often I go to the library these days, maybe my fears were not that far off...

Flash forward a few years and I got contacts and never wore my glasses outside the house. Flash forward a few more years and glasses were trendy again thanks in large part to Warby Parker. Suddenly there were more chic style options than ever and they were actually affordable. Ok, ok, I guess I'll wear my glasses now.

I’ve had multiple pairs of Warby Parker glasses over the years, but I never found ones I really loved enough to wear all the time. The large frames would inevitably slide down my nose and fall off my face, so even if I liked the look they were annoying to wear all day long.

I recently heard about Eyebuy Direct and with the super-low price point I could resist trying them out. Many of the glasses from Eyebuy Direct are even cheaper than Warby Parker so you can feel ok about going outside your comfort zone and trying a totally new style. Or you can get multiple pairs for the same price as one pair from other brands. I picked out a few different styles I liked including the Dialogue, the Identity and the Little Time. However I ended up going with the Chillax. Like I mentioned, I tend to have issues with glasses slipping down my nose, the fact that these had the little pads meant they would stay put.

After telling Jeff about the brand he wanted to get some glasses for himself as well so we placed a joint order. We waited patiently for a few weeks until we got our glasses on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to wear them out! This style definitely fit my face better than my past Warby Parkers and I now don't have my typical falling-off-my-face issue. Plus I love the oversize shape and the metal across the bridge. Given the low price point I plan on getting another pair (or a few) so I can try out some new styles and shapes that I normally wouldn't.

If you’re a glasses-wearer, you should definitely give Eyebuy Direct a try to change up your lens-style. Use code "IFS2RYQ3ZD" and you’ll receive $10 off your order! With their already low prices that's basically free glasses. Let me know which styles you like so I can check them out!

Glasses : Eyebuy Direct (use code IFS2RYQ3ZD for $10 off your order!) // Coat : Old Navy (similar) // Sweatshirt : Forever 21 (similar) // Jeans : Urban Outfitters // Shoes : Bettye Muller // Bag : Phillip Lim  // Jean Jacket : Forever 21 (similar)