Brand Lookout - Aussie Fashion

There’s just something about the Aussies that has always seemed so cool to me. It seems like they are just a country of cool, fun, laid-back surfers. Obviously this is a huge generalization. However I have found so many cool, laid-back clothing brands from Australia I think there must be a grain of truth in there.

With Coachella 2018 just recently occurring I have seen an influx of bohemian styles on my Instagram feed, some of which were featuring Aussie brands I hadn’t heard of before. While you may not be hitting up a festival anytime soon, these labels are perfect for vacation and casual summertime moods, which luckily for this New Yorker are right around the corner.

Spell & The Gypsy reminds me of old school Free People before it got all hipster. While FP has some great stuff now, I do miss their luxe bohemian roots. Spell & The Gypsy is full of muted colors, voluminous ruffles and easy pieces you want to wear on vacation. To make these styles city-appropriate, pair with sharper pieces such as a tailored jacket or metallic flats.

Zimmermann is like the slightly more sophisticated sister brand. Featuring intricate details and delicate draping, these clothes may be more suited for a cocktail event than a day at the beach. While Zimmermann pieces are definitely more of an investment price-wise, they are gorgeous quality that definitely will last a lifetime. This is the type of clothing you pass down to your daughter.

Stevie May speaks straight to my heart with it's emphasis on ruffles and flounces. I especially love this delicate plaid combo and the romantic mood of this dark navy floral midi dress. Stevie May strikes a great balance between bohemian and wearable.