Q & A - If I Only Bought One Piece This Spring...

Question : If you were going to only buy one new clothing item this Spring, what piece would you invest in and why?

I am a firm believer in shopping smart and with a strategy in mind. For me, this means only buying pieces that I can wear multiple ways and multiple times. This concept is tied to the idea of "cost per wear" (CPW), which says that the cost of an item is determined by dividing the price you paid by the number of times you've worn it. Something that cost $100 and was worn ten times has a CPW of $10, while something that only costs $25 that you wore just once has a CPW of $25. You're better off with the pricier item that will get more wear. 

Slight tangent but this gets me to the answer of the question - if I was buying just one new piece of clothing this Spring I would make it one that I could get a lot of wear out of it. This season that piece is a fun midi skirt. Whether in floral, solid or striped, a midi skirt is super versatile and easy to wear. A few of my favorite looks with a midi skirt are -

With a graphic tee shirt, casual sneakers and bandana knotted around the neck for weekend brunch or shopping.

With a button down shirt in gingham or chambray and colorful mules for work.

With a body-skimming camisole (40% off right now), heeled sandals and a jean jacket tossed over the shoulders for dinner or drinks.

Not only will you be able to create tons of outfit opportunities with a midi skirt this Spring, it will easily transition into cooler weather come Fall, simply by adding tights and a sweater. ASOS has a bunch of options right now including this green straight skirt with buttons, this floral pleated skirt or this gingham ruffle wrap style. I also love this casual striped style from Madewell, this cream mixed print from Old Navy and this ditzy floral wrap from Rebecca Minkoff. I've added a ton more styles below as well, all well within a comfortable price range.

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