The "New" Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are having a moment. But are they though? Graphic tees are always having a moment, ever since the 80's flash-dance era has there ever been a season that graphic tee shirts are not around in some capacity? Sure they may change forms and silhouettes but they never really go away. Lately graphic tees have been popular for many functional reasons from spreading political views to flaunting designer logos. But I just like one that makes me smile.

My personal preference with the graphic tee is to have some pun fun or just a silly design that's positive. I was cruising around on Revolve before we left for our honeymoon and came across this "Aloha Beaches" tee from AMUSE SOCIETY. I can't resist a good pun and given the Hawaiian honeymoon timing this was just too perfect for me to pass up. 

I did a little online shopping research and found so many cute graphic tees in the market right now I wanted to share with you guys. I included links to a bunch of tropical tees above if you are looking for vacation-ready look. I also rounded up a handful of cheerful and optimistic styles that could be worn just about anywhere. A few of my favorites are this "Champagne" tee - would be a great gift, especially for a bride-to-be, this "Squeeze the Day" top - punny and sunny, and this "Love to All" tee - since we all need some extra love these days. Any of these tees work great for a casual weekend day or worn under a blazer for work. Have fun with it, that's what they're made for!