On My Mind Lately

From top left - a glimpse at our wedding photos, evening picnic in Central Park, a recent vintage remake, walking around Domino Park, one of Jeff's shirts I turned into a tank.

Today's post is a random smattering of thoughts, things lately on my mind and recent stuff I have been up to. Would love you comments, feedback, thoughts on any of my below musings!

New Magill Designs/Launching Site

I have had a lot going on in the past few months but I am working hard on getting my Magill website up and running for orders. I've been designing a bunch of new pieces - skirts, dresses, tops - that I am super excited to share! I am targeting September to have around 5-6 styles for sale. All will be made-to-order and one of a kind. If you aren't already, sign up now to get alerts when the site goes live here.

Fall Fashion

I know, it seems early to be thinking about fall already but it's already August! I'm not one to buy seasonal clothes too far in advance but I am thinking about pieces that I can incorporate into my late summer wardrobe but also wear when we get into fall. I'm also hunting down a denim skirt like this one or this one. A classic pullover sweater is season-less, I love this one from Everlane and this classic stripe version from Loft and wide leg pants like this pair from Madewell or this style from Old Navy.

Slimming Down & Getting in Shape

At the start of this year I made a commitment to start eating healthy and get back in shape. I'm small to begin with so no one probably noticed but me, but over the past few years I had put on some extra weight. I'm talking 10 pounds or so, which on a petite frame is a lot. I had my wedding coming up in 6 months and I wanted to feel really good about my body for that monumental event. I knew I didn't want to crash diet at the last minute, I wanted to establish good habits far in advance and give my body the time it needed to adjust and gradually drop the extra weight. Obviously health doesn't happen overnight, but keeping up with my diet and exercise plan for 6 months was exactly what I needed to get back on track and I was able to lose those 10 pounds and then some by the time my wedding rolled around. I don't normally talk about health/diet related things on my blog since fashion really is my focus, but I'd be happy to share more details of how the diet and exercise plan that worked for me. Let me know in the comments if you'd be into this!