2019 Color Of The Year - Living Coral

Do non-design people know what Pantone is? I’m guessing maybe not so let me give a quick bit of background. When working with any kind of fabric mill you need to provide them with the color you want for your order. If you were to just say “robins egg blue” that could be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Ensuring you get the exact shade is important when thousands of dollars may be going into an order. Pantone to the rescue! This company has a comprehensive book of colors all with specific codes. Anywhere in the world you can reference the specific Pantone color you want and the factory or mill will be able to match it exact, no guesswork or interpretation required.

Every year Pantone puts together a forecast of the colors that will be most important in fashion and design for the upcoming twelve months. The color of the year for 2019 is Living Coral, a vibrant lush pink. I love the way this shade of pink pairs with kelly green and dusty blue as seen in the collage above. To get ahead of the Living Coral trend coming our way this spring I pulled together some great pieces available now in this amazing color. Mix it into your winter wardrobe by mixing it with camels, creams and denim.