Finding Maternity Jeans That Fit

Top : Magill // Jeans : Luxe Essentials Denim from Pea in the Pod (on sale now!) // Sunglasses : Target // Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim // Shoes : Gucci

When not pregnant, I don’t usually have too much trouble finding jeans that fit me. They’re always too long but that’s an easy problem to fix and I can just hem them myself. I guess I naively thought that finding maternity jeans would be simple enough. Oh boy, was I wrong. There were plenty of hurdles that came into my way when trying to find jeans, if you've had a baby or are currently pregnant I’m sure you know the struggle. I hope that by sharing my experience I can alleviate some of the pain you may go through on your maternity jean hunt.

First off, many retailers that carry maternity jeans like Old Navy, Nordstrom and H&M don’t carry the maternity items in-store. Which is super annoying since you don’t know how these items will fit. I usually hate ordering multiple sizes online knowing I will need to send items back but in this instance it was unavoidable. Here are the brands that I tried while on my hunt for some jeans that fit -

ASOS - I started my search with ASOS after seeing a few pregnant bloggers rave about them. I picked 2 pairs (this one and this one) to test out and got 2 sizes in each. What I particularly liked about these pairs specifically was that they were the over-the-bump style but they had a real waistband that you could tuck a shirt into. Unfortunately, none of the sizes fit well, all were too loose and baggy for skinny jeans.

Here’s another annoying thing about getting dressed while pregnant- you can’t tuck your shirt it! I am a big front tucker usually, especially since my tops are often a little long on me. When you’re pregnant your are either wearing a hair tie on your waist button to keep it closed or you are wearing maternity jeans with a over the bump band aka. tucking not an option. I really hate how a long untucked shirt looks on me, it’s not flattering when you’re petite. But alas, my options are now more limited.

Old Navy - I have been a big fan of Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans for while now and had high hopes for their maternity fit. I ordered this pair of distressed blue jeans and was pleased initially, I did end up keeping them. I did find however that they stretch out super easily throughout the day. I wish I could have sized down but I actually got the smallest size and still they were a bit big. I am hoping throughout my remaining 18 weeks of pregnancy I grow into these a bit more so they don’t stretch/fall down as much.

Pea in the Pod - Pea in the Pod carries a bunch of different brands of jeans and when I first looked I immediately wrote them off since they were all designer and more than I wanted to pay. In the past few years I’ve gotten lots of H&M, Old Navy and Levi’s denim that I love for much cheaper than designer so I didn’t want to go that route now that I’m pregnant. However after struggling to find pairs of my two favorite denim styles -black skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans - I was desperate and willing to give designer a shot. I saw that Pea in the Pod was having a sale so figured I would give some pairs and chance and see if any worked. I got this pair of black skinny jeans from J.Brand as well as this pair of BF jeans.

When I put the J.Brand jeans on I actually went ‘ahhhh!!!!’ in a hallelujah voice I was so happy with how they fit. FINALLY a pair of skinny jeans that was actually skinny and fitted. Plus they were the side panel style so I could tuck in a top! Jackpot. So while these jeans did cost more, with a good fit I knew I would wear them all the time. And a pair of black skinny jeans is pretty essential in my book.

The boyfriend jeans were also right on track with a lighter wash/distressed look I was trying to find. Once again I got the smallest size and these were a bit loose. Since they are a looser style to begin with I wasn’t as concerned with a perfect fit on these. They have an over the bump waistband and are super comfy - like wear on the plane comfy. If you do buy these, consider sizing down since they run large.

My Verdict -Definitely test out some cheaper brands for maternity jeans, they may fit you. But keep in mind to get a good fit and high quality material paying more may be required. If you’re going to wear these jeans constantly for the next few months of your life, investing a bit more is worth it. Make sure you keep an eye on the sales since you can often score these jeans at a discount. Another good option I heard was to check sites like The RealReal for designer maternity jeans at great prices. I looked into this but without any options in my size I didn’t find anything, but worth looking into!