How To Wear Spring Scarves

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No waist sash, no problem - just use a silk scarf!

I posted a few weeks back about wearing bandanas this spring - where to buy them and how to style them. If you didn’t read it before you can check it out here. Today I wanted to touch on the bandana’s more sophisticated sister - the silk scarf.

I have been collecting silk scarves for some time now and find them to be a styling secret weapon. They can add that little bit of color or print to an outfit that takes it from ho-hum to something special. There are plenty of pricey silk scarves out there but there is absolutely no reason to pay a lot for one. Nearly all of mine have been scooped up in vintage or thrift stores for under $10. A few ideas of how to bulk up your silk scarf stash -

  • Goodwill or Salvation Army

  • Vintage shops

  • Mom/Grandma - see if they have any old scarves they no longer wear/want

  • eBay

Once you have your silk scarf the fun begins - how to wear it! There are countless ways to style a scarf but my favorites are around the neck, around the waist (need a longer scarf for this) or tied around a ponytail.

The last point to make here is that a silk scarf doesn’t need to actually be silk. I’m referring more to the type of fabric being “silky” in weight and texture. So be open to different qualities and price points - the look is stylish no matter what!