Vacation Suitcase Essentials

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I am guilty of overpacking on more than one occasion, but I’ve also been known to pack just the perfect amount of stuff for a trip so that everything gets worn - nothing more, nothing less. That is the packing sweet spot. In the summer we get a bit of a break since warm weather clothes tend to take up less suitcase space than those for cooler temps - ie. you can fit more in the same amount of packing real estate. That said, you don’t generally need a million things when packing for a trip if you are smart and strategic about the items you bring. Make your wardrobe work for you! I like to include items that can be worn multiple ways and multiple times. Invest some space in classic accessories like sandals, bags and hats in neutrals that will work with different outfits. I’m partial to camel and tan for matching just about anything in a summer closet.

I’ve picked a few of my go-to packing essentials when hitting the runway for trips this summer whether you’re going to a city or a beach. Click on the item to shop or scroll down to see links for each piece.