Adding Color To Your Wardrobe

Dress : old, similar // Hat // Sandals : Madewell // Sunglasses : Ray-Ban // Woven Bag : Amazon

Do you love a bold color or opt usually for blacks, whites and tans? I’m somewhere in between, with quite a few colorful pieces in my closet but also with a well-established grouping of neutral basics. In my opinion having a balance of both sides- color pops and basics- is what a satisfying wardrobe is made of.

If you tend to stay more on the neutral side but want to start incorporating more color into your wardrobe there are a two tips I suggest to make the transition.

  • Find Your Personal Color - There are lots of color theories out there about finding the perfect shade for you based on skin-tone, hair color and eye color but I honestly haven’t ever found these to be that helpful. (“Is my skin cool, I see blue veins? But wait, I tan easily so does that make me warm? Or do both elements make me neutral?”). What I find works the best is just trying on a bunch of colors and seeing what looks good. Do your makeup like you normally would (you want to get a fair representation of how the colors work together) and head to H&M or Zara, somewhere that they stock a lot of colors. Grab a bunch of colored pieces and go try them on, take some chances since you never know what make look great on you! If you want to take this to the next level, buy some pieces and bring them home to try-on in your own lighting - you can always return later but you’ll get a better sense of the color when not in the harsher store lighting.

  • Ease in with Neutral Colors - There are colors and there are COLORS. This red dress is in my opinion a capital “c” COLOR - it’s bright, it’s bold and it stands out in a crowd. It’s perfectly fine if a shade like that is just too much color for you. Ease into color with some less vibrant options such as forest green, burgundy or blue. These will all work great with the neutrals in your wardrobe but add a bit of freshness for Fall.