Jeans on a Budget

Denim For Less

The last pair of designer denim I got was Rag & Bone, the only reason I got them was because I had a gift card. Otherwise I shop exclusively with affordable denim brands. I know people swear by certain designer brands but for me I can’t justify the cost. Jeans are one of the clothing items that you can get on the cheap and as long as they fit well NO ONE WILL KNOW. That of course is contingent upon the denim actually fitting you well. The thing is, designer denim is guaranteed to fit you any better than a cheap pair. You really just need to try out a bunch of brands and see which fit works for you. Once you’ve nailed that, you can keep going back to that brand/fit and feel confident the fit will be on point.

At the end of the day, the way to look look (and expensive) in your jeans is to find a pair that fits you perfectly. Length is an easy thing to fix so focus on a good fit around the waist, hips and back of the knees. Once you do find that perfect pair…buy a few!