Spring Jacket Essentials - What Your Closet Needs

Leather Jacket - I am all about the investment piece for a leather jacket. It never goes out of style and more often than not you may be wearing it with fancier outfits. So pick a high quality one that will last you a lone time. Real leather also softens with wear so over time it will only get comfier and more broken in. If buying a real leather jacket is not in the budget right now, there are some affordable vegan leather options on the market. Tip - make sure the hand-feel (design term for just what it sounds like, the hand-feel) is soft and supple.

Army Jacket - I’m army jacket is the final piece that rounds out the perfect jacket collection. More casual than leather, this style pairs perfectly with feminine prints or silhouettes, adding just a hint of masculinity and toughness. This style is great from a practical perspective too, as it is easy to layer, packs up small and with many pockets. I find myself running out for errands or walking the dog with just my phone and keys, those pockets definitely come in handy! The jacket I am wearing here is actually one designed/sold by me through my shop, www.magillclothing.com - while I’m surely biased, I think it’s the perfect army jacket to add into your rotation!

Denim Jacket - My denim jacket is probably one of my most worn items since I moved to San Diego. We all know that jeans match with everything and the same goes for a denim jacket. Dress it up, dress it down. There are many different washes out there but you can’t go wrong with a simple medium wash with some distressing.