Fall Trend - Animal Print for Fall

I’m not sure calling animal print a ‘trend’ is a fair assessment, it seems nearly every year (if not every season) there is some kind of animal print popping up.

It works particularly well for fall and winter because the colors and tones in most animal prints are rich, warm and strong - not really characteristic of summertime clothing. Since animal print comes around pretty often you shouldn’t feel worried about investing in a piece featuring cheetah or leopard. As long as you are selecting items that look expensive and high quality, they will stand the test of time and can be pulled out year after year.

Animal print clothing is definitely a bolder move in my opinion that adding just a touch of the look through accessories. I don’t actually have much animal print on clothing at all in my wardrobe but rather on shoes and bags. I got this bag at a sample sale a few years ago and while it’s not on constant rotation when I get dressed, I love pulling it out as a chic statement piece. It’s a classic piece and will definitely be in my wardrobe forever. A few of my favorite animal print pieces for sale now are included below. What do you guys think, are you into animal?