5 Ways To Style Summer Scarves

I am head over heels loving on silk scarves right now. I have always loved winter scarves, how they add another layer of texture and color to an outfit. But when the weather starts to get warmer, most of these scarves must be banished to back of the closet until fall returns. Enter, the summer scarf.

Throughout the years, head scarves have come in and out of style - but silky scarves, like the Hermes-style ones your grandma used to wear, remain forever classic & chic.  

A quick look through Pinterest and I found tons of inspiration for wearing the silky scarf this summer. I pulled together some of my favorite looks below to get you all in the scarf frame of mind. And in case you don’t already have some silky scarves in your wardrobe I got you covered there too!


Hair Look #1 - The Messy Headband

Messy buns and chignons look casual yet at the same time classy with your scarf nonchalantly knotted around your head.

Look #2 - The Bohemian Vibe

Knotted in the back or woven into a braid, the scarf adds color and free spirited-ness. Perfect for breezy days on the beach.

Look #3 - The Bun Beautifier 

Pull your hair back and knot a scarf around your bun for a sweet look.

Look #4 - The Turtle Neck

Wrap your scarf around your neck a few times for a fitted look. You can either leave the ends loose or tuck them into a half bow.

Look #5 - The Cowl

Knot your scarf in the front or the back, just make sure to keep the loops relaxed and with lots of volume. Works great in a chilly office during the summer!