Investing in High-Quality Shoes


Dress : Magill Clothing // Shoes : St. Agni // Bag : Amazon // Sunglasses : Ray-Ban // Earrings : H&M, similar

As I’ve gotten older I have moved towards the mentality of buy less quantity and more high quality items. Cheap pieces whether clothing or accessories tend to break, rip or wear out over time. Investing in high quality pieces mean you can continue to use them season after season, year after year. While you have to pay more up front, it actually can save you money in the long haul since you don’t need to keep re-buying the item again and again. High quality pieces are generally also more timeless and thus continue to be wardrobe staples years down the road.


I still get some cheap clothing now and again when I’m not designing my own pieces. But for shoes and bags I prefer to invest in nicer pieces when I can. This means I usually go for basics that I am confident I will wear a lot. I got this pair of St. Agni woven leather mules a few months ago, knowing I would wear them constantly. Crafted from a supple, high-quality leather they are super comfortable and only continue to be more so as I break them in with more wear. The slight heel gives a bit of polish but the tan color is basic enough to wear all the time. Suffice to say these shoes were a great investment in a neutral mule that I continue to wear all the time - exactly what I want in a pair of shoes!


There are a handful of other shoes I have invested in in the past and never regretted it. These are all classic shoes in neutral colors that I continue to wear all the time.

  • Nude Pumps - work, special events, presentations. I have worn these countless times when I want to look super polished and pulled together.

  • Wedges - perfect for summertime and so comfortable.

  • Leather Mules - Easiest way to look chic in a pair of flats.

  • Sneakers - I wear these so much the cost-per-wear is practically nothing.

Do you have shoes you’ve invested in? Which ones have been the best investment?