Hot Pink Tie-Dye Dress - DIY

I wrote in a past post about how excited I am that tie-dye is back as a trend this summer. It should come as no surprise that I, someone obsessed with textiles, crafts and clothing, was vey into tie-dye as a kid. I’ve also shared some of my bleach dying work through Fizz and Fade, a technique where color is removed from fabric instead of added (read more about the process and see my jacket creation here). There was no way I WASN’T going to be doing some tie dying this summer.

A couple of weeks ago I got all my supplies together and spent an afternoon dying in my backyard. One of the fabrics I tested out was a white cotton bastiste, which is a lightweight plain weave fabric. For this fabric I did the traditional rubber band tie method and submerged the entire thing into a fuchsia pink dye bath. The resulting fabric was the most perfect shade of pink (in my opinion) - just bright enough but on the cooler side of barbie. The tie-dye effect was subtle but added dimension to the flat fabric that a simple dye bath would not.

I wanted to design a new dress that incorporated the bodice style of my Winnie Blouse but with a flirty skirt hem. A few pattern alterations and quick muslin later I was ready to sew up my final dyed fabric. After seeing some dresses with braided sashes around I decided to try a similar twisted look to cinch in the waist, making this also out of the pink dyed fabric.

There are still a few pattern adjustments I would like to make but I’m super happy with how this came out. I am working on a collection consisting of this dress and other hand-dyed pieces for Magill. I’m not sure yet if it will be available online or only through local vendor events in San Diego. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in this style if I brought it to the online shop!

pink-tie dye-dress-magill-4.jpg
pink-tie dye-dress-magill-2.jpg