Recent Favorite Books and Reading Tips

I’ve loved reading since I was a kid, back then I would devour the likes of Babysitters Club and Little House on the Prairie. Today my reading interests are a bit more varied but just as voracious. I have a constant stack of books next to my nightstand and I am usually in the midst of reading a few at the same time. In today's post I wanted to share some of my recent favorite books as well as a few tips of getting more reading done in your own life. Cause who doesn’t want to be able to read more books?

My Recent Favorite Books

My Top Reading Tips

  • Read First Thing in the Morning - I’ve found that reading first thing in the morning is an amazing way to start my day. Even if it’s only a few pages, having that relaxing time in bed to get my own little meditation in with reading starts my day off right. It’s not always possible with busy schedules, work and traveling but whenever I can enjoy my coffee and book in bed, it’s gonna be a good day.

  • Audiobooks Are My Best Friend - I love audiobooks! They are my secret for reading so many books. I listen in the car, on the subway (back when I lived in NYC), walking the dog, around the house. If you are a member of a library they often have free audiobooks you get through an app if you don’t want to go the Audible route.

  • Explore Curiosities - I read books from all kinds of genres - crime, romance, psychology, spirituality, self development, business, cooking, DIY… pretty much any time I have some new curiosity I pick up a book on the subject to learn more. This is where a membership to your local library comes in handy! No need to feel bad about indulging in those random interests.