Button-Down Midi Floral Dress

Dress : The Pudding Shop (similar) // Shoes : custom by Michael Gray Footwear (similar) // Sunglasses : Target // Hat : Ace of Something (similar)

This is a special post to share as this dress was my late Aunt Cathy’s, my mom’s older sister, who passed away last year. Cathy was always a huge supporter of my art, design and fashion interests. Whether attending my senior year fashion show at Cornell or always inquiring on what I was working on next, she was always encouraging me to continue pursuing my passion. As a sewist herself, she loved fabrics, textiles and clothing.

My mom was recently going through some of Cathy’s things and came across this floral dress. Figuring I may like the fabric and would possible re-construct something from it she gave it to me recently. First off, I do love the fabric, a crisp yet drapey rayon viscose with a floral print - right up my alley. After trying on the dress however (my Aunt was similar in size and stature to me) I realized I actually loved it the way it is. With a simple tie waist and buttons all the way done the front it’s reminiscent of the Reformation, Faithfull the Brand and Christy Dawn dresses that are so popular right now.

I have various clothing items in my closet that I will always keep for posterity reason. My prom dresses, my first vintage purchases and heirloom pieces passed to be from family members. This dress will be one of those special pieces that will continue to have a place in my closet, bringing me good style and great memories.