Safe and Effective Skincare for Pregnancy

When I got pregnant I prepared to cut out some things that I love - wine, sushi, turkey hoagies. What I didn’t know was that I also had to cut out some of my essential skincare products. Retinol! Salicylic Acid! Benzoyl Peroxide! There was a hot minute there where I was convinced my skin was going to fall victim to horrible breakouts and wrinkles over the next 9 months. Refusing to accept that reality I did some online sleuthing to find out exactly what ingredients I couldn’t use and this find another solution to keep up a skin routine.

After doing some research however, I was able to find products that addressed my skin concerns and were also safe for the baby. I’ve spoken about The Ordinary before on my blog (previous article here) and how much I love their products. With simple, straight-forward and powerful ingredients, I have had great success with their products. You also can’t beat the affordable price point!

I suggest confirming all these ingredients with your doctor, but the research I conducted all noted as safe during pregnancy -

Some key elements of my routine and how I use the above products:


  • Wash with a gentle cleanser, using Clarisonic 2x-3x a week

  • Smooth on Azelaic Acid

  • Apply Hyaluronic Acid followed by a moisturizer

  • Finish off with sunscreen


  • Always remove makeup with a makeup wipe BEFORE washing face at night

  • Apply Glycolic Acid with cotton pad all over

  • Apply Vitamin C serum

  • Tap Hyaluronic Acid around eyes

  • Finish with light moisturizer

On the bright side, not drinking alcohol and increasing my water intake has it’s own skin benefits. So at least there’s that working in us pregnant-women’s favor!