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Floral Mini Dress for Fall

This is my first fall in San Diego and getting used to the weather has been a trip. We moved at the end of the summer so it was still pretty hot in New York City when we left. We came out to California and the warm weather continued, pretty much the same. Well now that we are in November I am starting to really experience the difference in living in Southern California from the East Coast.

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Grey Soho

We are in the doldrums of winter in NYC and the warmth of spring seems tragically far away. The snow we got last week has melted and the city is grey, grey, grey. That’s exactly what I did with this outfit, go full steam ahead into the grey vibes of the New York streets.

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Winter Grey NYC

Just because the weather is gloomy doesn't mean all outfits must also be flat and grey. We had some slightly warmer weather a few days ago so I pulled on my fur vest in lieu of a coat. With a chunky knit, frayed denim and the soft fur, there are a lot of textures happening here and I kind of love it.

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