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Tips For Shopping Vintage and Secondhand

I am a huge fan of vintage and thrift shopping, I just love it. I feel this sense of competition when perusing second-hand wares, like I am competing to find the best hidden gem for the best price. We recently went to the San Diego Vintage Market in nearby North Park and perused the wares for sale. This got me thinking about my advice for vintage and thrift shopping and prompted me to share my top tips for buying from vintage, thrift and second-hand stores.

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Thrift Shop With Me - Cali Vintage & Thrift

I have had so many friends comment on my vintage and thrift finds saying “you find the best stuff, I need to go thrift shopping with you!”. I also have found myself with WAY too many clothing items that I don’t possibly need from all my vintage and thrift hunts. So I decided to do us all a favor and start a little shop selling some of my thrift and vintage finds to you all!

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