New Magill - Tie-Dyed Robe + Cover-Up

Robe : Magill // Bathing Suit : Shein // Hat : Lack of Color // Shorts : old

I’ve been gradually getting more and more into dying my own fabrics and trying out new dye techniques. I started with testing out bleach-dying (check out my kimono made with bleach fabric here) but have recently been more interested in ice-dying.

Ice-dying is a technique that is quite simple in execution but results in intricate, kaleidoscope patterns. The basic procedure is to take the garment or fabric you wish to dye, scrunch it up and lay it out on top of a cooling rack or strainer, then cover with ice. You then take the dye colors you wish to use (you need powder dye for this technique) and sprinkle them over the ice. As the ice melts it mixes with the dye and drips down through the fabric. This is where the cooling rack comes in - you need the water to be able to drain off the fabric vs. pool underneath it. After all the ice has melted and you have given the dye enough time to set (usually a couple of hours), you rinse it out and voila! You have a gorgeous dye design that is reminiscent of marbling or watercolor.

This robe is one of the new summer pieces that is available within my online shop ( and is such a gorgeous mix of colors. Wear it around the house or toss it on for the pool or the beach. I love how it pairs with some denim shorts and a casual tee shirt as well. If you are looking for a new cover-up this summer, look no further! This one is sure to be a closet favorite. Shop the robe here!