Tips For Shopping Vintage Denim

Top: H&M, old (similar, similar) // Shorts: vintage Levi’s (similar, similar, similar) // Sandals: Madewell // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Florals are without a doubt my favorite print. I wear then pretty much non-stop, year-round and my closet is bursting with them. What I love most about flowery prints is the feminine touch they add to a piece that a solid fabric just doesn’t have.

This top was a thrift-store find and originally was a size large dress. I was so smitten with the bright color and ditsy floral print that I was determined to make something wearable from it for myself. I slimmed down the side seams a bit and shortened the length into a top and here we are! I’m so happy I didn’t let the size tag deter me from buying it since this blouse is now one of my favorites.


These shorts too were a me-made project. I had been on the hunt for a high-waisted vintage pair of shorts. While at a flea market here in San Diego I spotted a whole table of vintage Levi’s at one of the booths. I did that little trick where you wrap the waistband around your neck to estimate if they will fit - seemed close enough so I went for it. After some quick snips I had my new favorite pair of denim shorts. Expect to see these pop up a lot on my blog and instagram this summer!

If you’re looking for some vintage denim yourself here are some tips to keep in mind -

  • Don’t trust the size on the label - Sizes shift over the years and these jeans could be men’s or women’s. They also were worn by someone else so the fit has most likely been molded a bit. Bottom line - try them on to see if they fit. The size tag will never tell you everything.

  • Look past length - Speaking as someone that can never wear pants right off the rack, just because the length isn’t perfect don’t write off the pair. If the jeans are too short you can let out the hem for an undone look, if they are too long you can cut for a raw edge or roll them up.

  • Wash is king - To me, the coolest part about vintage denim is the lived-in wash. Keeping my eye out of the perfect faded pair is essential.