How To Transition Summer Pieces For Fall

Top : Magill // Shorts : vintage Levi’s (similar) // Sunglasses : Ray-Ban

We’ve come to that point in the summer where I no longer find it practical to be buying anything that is strictly “summer”. Yes, it is most definitely still hot out, but I don’t want to invest in anything that is too lightweight that I won’t be able to get some wear out of when the temperatures go down.

I’m a floral print girl through and through, so because something is covered in flowers doesn’t mean that’s only for spring or summer. But there are a few guidelines I follow when I think about which pieces will transition from summer to fall. These tips are great to keep in mind as you add new pieces to your closet at the end of the summer but also as you look into your existing wardrobe to think about how to can maximize what you already own. Now to the tips -

Look for darker shades - a dark ground floral can easy transition to the cooler months and are some of my favorites florals to wear. Black, navy, burgundy based floral prints - these are all look great paired with jean shorts like I have in these photos but pair equally well with leather and knits.

Consider layers - even if a piece is lightweight it can be worn into the cooler weather with some strategic layering. You can obviously layer on top with a leather jacket, surplus jacket or chunky knit. Don’t forget about layering underneath as well. A floral dress looks super stylish with a body suit or turtleneck underneath for a fall look.

Fabric matters (a little) - while you certainly can get away with some floaty fabrics in fall by layering on top or below, there are some fabrics that are just too summery to transition out of summer. Eyelet, gingham and gauze are truly summerweight fabrics and should be stashed for next year. That said, rules are meant to be broken especially in fashion so if you have a look in mind with these fabrics - my all means, go for it!

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