After a long hiatus during 2014…

It's been a long time since I posted on my blog here, and now I'm back! I've spent the past 17 months in business school classes, making new friends and exploring life in a new city, Washington, D.C. 
I've realized I missed the creative outlet my blog provided and have decided to return to posting. While business school has been busy the past year, it has also allowed me more free time to travel. Here is a visual diary of some of my travels from the past year. 

The most major news is I changed the name! I thought Fizz and Fade captures the dichotomy of luxe and relaxation that I love.
Cheers to 2015 and more travels and posts to come!

Seattle, Washington

Key West, Florida

 Key Largo, Florida

Palms Springs, California (Coachella Music Festival)

New York City, New York

San Diego, California

Venice Beach, California

Los Angeles, California

Colorado Springs, Colorado