Gift Guide - The Beauty Junkie

We may be wearing more layers in the winter but that doesn't mean we should be neglecting our most precious personal feature - our skin! If your are on the lookout for gifts to give the Beauty Junkie or you want to give yourself some extra TLC this holiday season, these gift ideas will help beautify you from the inside and out.

Glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask - This eye mask is infused with copper, an essential mineral known to enhance skin appearance for a healthy, youthful glow. Wearing this mask while you sleep has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the very least it helps you sleep in a little later on the weekends. 

Fresh Rose Face Mask - One of my favorite face masks. The rose petals tone, soothe and hydrate all at the same time. Plus it smells divine.

Oaui Treatment Masque - I love my Oaui wave spray and have been itching to try out more of their products. This treatment repairs damaged hair, increases resistance to future damage AND mends split ends. Triple threat!

Silk Pillowcase - I have been reading for years about the beauty benefits of sleeping on a smooth silk pillowcase, now may be the time to finally give it a go.

Gua Sha - I snagged a gua sha tool after reading about the benefits and have been using it nightly every since. Smoother skin, reduced puffiness and a more defined jawline are all benefits - done, done and done.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - My all-time favorite serum. Light, soothing and multi-purpose, I always feel glowier the morning after I use this.

Get Gorgeous Tea - Health teas are poised to become the next juice trend, as sipping the right blend can improve your skin, sleep, energy, even digestive system. This Get Gorgeous tea eases stress, improves skin tone and tastes delish.

Nails Inc Nail Grow Treatment - Who doesn't want stronger, healthier nails? Simply use this base coat before painting and step up your hand game.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - Lightweight yet still super moisturizing this cream is a favorite of mine and now comes with sunscreen - which is essential, even in the winter months!

Beauty Dust - Meant to "enlighten cognitive powers, clarity and memory while aligning to the mighty cosmic flow" this supplement is as trendy as they come. Who knows if it works, but the cache alone makes it worth a try.

Wave Hello.

I don't have straight hair. I don't have curly hair. I'm not even  sure you could call it wavy; it's straight in some spots, gets waves in others. All in all, it does it's own thing. In the many years since I have learned how to style my hair, I have opted for the curling-iron-waves over the pin-straight-straightener look. Creating curls with a curling iron adds body to my thin hair, while also adding some  va-va-voom-ness to my look, (hey, anything thing that makes me look older than 16 helps). However....the big However. I do not curl my hair the traditional way: clip in the ends and wind up to the root. Too poodle-y. Rather I utilize a method I saw years ago in an Olsen Twin beauty clip (don't ask). I have attempted to explain this method to others, but it always helps to see a demo. I stumbled across this video on DailyCandy, and found it showed exactly how I do my hair! So I thought I'd share it here, so anyone who has ever asked me how I make my waves: this is it; hello waves.