Styling Tip - Spring Layering

It's official, it's spring. Though you would definitely not know it given the fact that we are getting a nor'easter today in NYC! The temperature outside is certainly not warm enough for springtime clothing but that doesn't stop me from getting the itch to change things up a bit. One way to get a new look without sacrificing warmth is to shake up your layering combinations. In this way you can create fresh color combinations and interesting texture mixes while finding some new looks already hanging in your closet. Layering also enables you to bring out some of those warm weather pieces early in a still seasonally appropriate way. I've put together some inspiration and combination tips to get you started. I challenge you to take another look at your closet with fresh eyes, at least until we actually get into Spring!


1. Sweater + Blouse

Top ripped denim and a white shirt with a light-colored yet warm sweater. 



2. Tee Shirt + Tank Top

Get double-duty from your warm weather tanks by pairing a simple white tee shirt underneath.



3. Turtleneck + Dress

Break out the summery floral dress and still stay warm by combining it with a black turtleneck.



4. Blazer + Jean Jacket

Get a perfect mix of business and casual by pairing a jean jacket with a tailored blazer.



5. Dress + Jeans

Keep legs warm on cool days by tossing jeans under a light dress.


Shopping For : Statement Tops Under $100

The holidays are here and that means our calendars are packed with work events, family gatherings and celebrating out on the town. Dressing nicely for all those occasions is tough, I feel the pain. I always want wear something that is "fancy" enough but still comfortable. Also with the cooler temps, baring my shoulders suddenly seems overly revealing, not to mention shiver-inducing. Today I've assembled a selection of statement tops that will work for all your events and take you into the New Year. Bonus - they are all under $100!

This bow-sleeved top and this ruffle top from SHEIN are super steals for under $15 (how can that be?!). This voluminous top from Madewell and this layered version from J.Crew are similar to a favorite in my closet (as seen in photo above) and incredibly versatile. This knotted wrap top from Topshop is sure to be flattering on all body types, even with festive indulgences! Lastly, this knot-front version from J.Crew and this dotted blouse from Forever21 add some print while still being understated enough to wear often. What do you guys like to wear to dressier events in the cooler months? Need all the inspiration I can get!

Summer Workwear

Dressing for work in the summertime is tough. You need something that will be breezy in the sticky, hot air outside but will also keep you warm in the frigid temperatures inside the office. Every workday morning in NYC I hike to the subway (usually at a fairly fast clip, since I am a 'New Yorker' now) and arrive on the platform where I am met with stale, thick air. All that heat I generated speed-walking increases exponentially in the subway.

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its been a long time...

I haven't posted on here in a long time. Somehow all this cornell design league work catches up to you, and it's only three weeks away! Correction, not three weeks, 18 days. 18 days! Ah, panic sets in; my palms are getting sweaty, my leg starts to twitch, I can just hear my alarm now, waking me up after 4 hours of sleep and calling me back to the studio....
Anywho, in the spirit of the upcoming public display of my sewing skills, design aesthetic and strange reasoning to make garments out of feathers, I decided to post some of my inspirations for the collection;
hopefully get my spirits rejuvenated to get my little self into the studio, suck down that coffee, and git-er-done. 
It's just about crunch time. Where did the hours go....