Wear Now While You Still Can: Summer Skirts and Jean Shorts

While the calendar states that it is in fact September, this does not yet mean that summer is over. Although as far as many of us are concerned, it ended the day we entered the school store to buy our books, and actually had to use the alarm application on our blackberries again. But fear not, fall has not yet come upon us, we still have some precious time. I know this for a fact because the Autumnal Equinox falls right around a certain special day, called My Birthday, that is still a few weeks away. There is still some summer-ness left to be enjoyed, if not by sitting on the beach, at least in our clothing choices. First off, circle skirts. While this is not a particularly radical trend, the short circle skirt was everywhere this summer in all kinds of patterns, prints and fabrics. It is still current and still just as easy to throw on for class, as it was for a dinner at the beach. While its may be warm enough for sandals, move things forward into fall by adding an embellished flat or open toed bootie. A dark belt weighs things down, and a slouchly off the shoulder top keeps things from looking too dressed up, or stuffy. And great news, even when it does get cold you can still rock your skirt, (if you aren't sick of it by then), with dark tights, in a solid or patterned print for cooler temps. Wouldn't our parents be proud of our multi-tasking? They are paying for college for something.
Now on to the ubiquitous denim shorts of the summer. Whether they were bleached, frayed, rolled or short enough to make your grandma blush, jorts ruled the scene for summer 2009. While some people may be ready to leave this trend in the 90's, I for one am not ready to let go just yet. In my opinion, keep 'em around, perhaps adding a menswear blazer, button down shirt, or chunky cardigan. Toss on some boots; engineer, moccasin, combat, what-have-you, and suddenly the jean short looks a little more scholarly, and a little less Jersey. Or maybe just less Jersey, I guess it's your call.

Images: Chictopia, Whowhatwear.com, coolspotters.com