August Shopping List - Under $100

My shopping list for August moves away from the bright and poppy prints I've been wearing all summer long (like this top and this dress). Right now I'm feeling muted shades of pink and brown, woven textures and animal prints. Long sleeve floral-printed dresses are perfect for late summer and transition wonderfully into cooler fall temps. A few of my faves are this one, this one and this one

Cheetah is making a comeback this fall - everything cycles in fashion, ya know? Slip and bias cheetah skirts are trending especially hard. I recently bought some cheetah fabric and plan to whip my own skirt up soon, but this style from And Other Stories is a great find and will work well into fall and winter paired with a chunky sweater and boots.

Oh yea, and all these pieces are under $100! Who says you get beef up your closet without dropping a ton of money?

Top Tips for Buying Summer Hats

Hats are one of my favorite accessories, especially in the summertime heat. They add interest to an outfit, shade your eyes and protect your skin - all good things in the summer months! I have purchased a number of hats over the years but have found I come back to a handful of classic styles again and again. Knowing that I'll wear the hat many times over makes me more willing to invest in a high quality piece as well. Today's post features my three favorite hat styles for summer and where you can pick up one of each for yourself as well. Hats off to you.

How To Style Silk Scarves

If you live in a area where you experience a cold winter, cozy warm scarves are most likely a staple in your seasonal wardrobe. But when the warmer temps roll around, I for one have usually been less inclined to reach for a lightweight scarf. Why is that? Perhaps it is because I used to associated dainty scarves with something my grandma would wear (not to throw shade on my grandmothers). Well this season my view on silk scarves has totally changed and these lightweight accessories have become my new styling best friend. 

Silk scarves are versatile accessories that can be utilized in countless ways. There literally is no limit to the options for how to knot it, drape it, loop it or tie it onto yourself or your other accessories (like a bag for example). A few of my favorite ways to style a silk scarf include -

The next obvious question may be where to buy some new silk scarves. Hands down my favorite place to buy these is from a vintage or thrift store because you will find unique items for dirt cheap. There are also tons of options on ebay, simply search "vintage silk scarves". A few I found that I liked include this NYC scarf, this pink printed scarf or this vibrant yellow option. If you're more of a buy-it-new kinda gal, I included a few great options below as well!

Springtime Shoe Favorites

Top row : 1 // 2 // 3

Middle row: 4 // 5 // 6

Bottom row : 7 // 8 // 9

Shopping Guide - Early Spring

Spring is here! I already started pulling out some of my lighter pieces and moved some of my winter items into storage. I usually like to shuffle around my closet when the seasons change to get the colors, prints and fabrics I am in the mood for front and center. This season I have pinks, light blues and dark florals lined up for wear. Usually when I do this process I start to see some gaps, whether clothing items I need to replace or a specific accessory that could really help to tie together the items I already have. Today's post has some of the pieces that are on my spring buying list to help round out my wardrobe and inject some new color.

My white sneakers have been on heavy rotation recently and I love the look for spring. I have a pair of black Supergas and love them for their simplicity and quality. The white pair is classic and will go with pretty much everything.

Basket bags were everywhere last year and the trend is still going strong this spring. This round one from Urban Outfitters feels of-the-moment and is at a great price.

Who doesn't need a red stripe blouse in their closet? I also love this one in blue.

Silk scarves, I'm a woman obsessed. If you aren't into vintage, Urban has some great options right now.

Now that I will be setting my booties aside, I want a low-ish heel that feels casual and elevated at the same time. I love the mid-height mules out right now, especially in a fun color like this pink.

This pastel sweater is easy, casual and perfect for the lingering chill in the air.

I go through earring phases, for awhile I only like studs. Now I'm really into the statement earrings. I really like how this pair feels fancy yet casual with the raffia fringe.

Purple nail polish feels fresh, unique and is surprisingly very flattering. I have this color from Essie and wear it all the time.

I've gone on about my love of high-waisted jeans and while I have a few great blue pairs, this spring I'm changing it up with a wider leg in black.

Shopbop Spring Sale Picks

Shopbop is having a crazy sale right now, just in time to start picking up some pieces to round out your Spring wardrobe. I as spoke about in this recent post, I'm all about versatility when it comes to buying clothing and accessories. Being able to wear the piece in questions multiple times and multiple ways is the main lens through which I make all shopping decisions. My picks for the current Shopbop sale are no different. Such as a striped sweater or long sleeve tee I can wear now and when the weather gets warmer or floral dresses that do double duty for the beach or afternoon events. Make sure you check out the sale for any key pieces you've been eying since the savings are pretty good!

15% off orders of $200 or more (if you're looking for some new shoes for spring)

20% off orders of $500 or more (if you're in need of a wedding-attendant dress)

25% off orders of $800 or more (could be a good time to invest in a winter coat for next year)

Wish I Was Wearing - Gingham

1. MDS Stripes // 2. Lost + Wander // 3. Rachel Comey // 4. MasterxMuse // 5. SHEIN // 6, Forever21 // 7. Bliss and Mischief // 8. Gucci // 9. Topshop

As a fabric, gingham looks great in all kinds of silhouettes from dresses to skirts, even bathing suits and tops. Though it’s only February, there are tons of gingham pieces in the market right now. While gingham is great for warm weather, by pairing this fabric with darker and heavier pieces like a leather jacket or black jeans, you can definitely start wearing gingham now rather than waiting until summer rolls around.

Above are some of my favorites in the market right now. Click on each piece to get all the product details!

I’m a big fan of gingham and have been for a couple seasons now and definitely plan to pull this ruffled number I created last year out again this summer. I recently created a black gingham wrap top that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon too!

Gift Guide - Valentine's Day for Her

I shared my Valentine's Day gift guide for men last week so I would be remiss to not include a version for females as well. You can go the obvious route of roses and chocolate for your lady on Valentine's Day but I think that is a little boring (not to mention very impractical). I would much rather receive something I can use going forward, not just enjoy for the day/week. 

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment - I have this lip stain and it just lovely. It smells of amazing citrus and imparts just the right amount of color. Not too much just a hint of pink.

Kate Spade iPhone Case - This case is just so pretty and feminine. Enough said.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel - I've heard amazing things about this daily peel. Why not give your woman something to make her even more beautiful?

Silk Pillowcase - It's silky and has lips on it. If this doesn't work for Valentine's Day then I don't know when it will.

Anthropologie Earrings - They would be great paired with a chunky sweater now and with a sundress come summer. 

Blush Tote - I love the muted pink color of this tote and the fact that it has two different strap types. Plus it's only $25!

Rose Gold Bracelet - For the girl who wants some jewelry for V-Day, this bracelet is chic and understated yet very refined. 

Rainbow Sweater - This sweater is so cheerful and cozy, perfect for those gloomy February days.

Naked Palette - Every woman and I mean every woman needs a good neutral brown eye shadow palette. This one is small enough that you get exactly what you need, no extra colors that will never be used.

The Beauty Chef Book - Get prettier from eating!? If you want to encourage your woman to cook why not dangle the carrot of beauty in front of her. I'm adding this book to my cart right now.

Gift Guide - Valentine's Day for Him

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that means it's almost time for chocolates, roses and those conversation hearts that taste too similar to chalk for my liking. I'm not usually one to go all out for Valentine's Day but it is a nice time to show your love and appreciation for that special someone in your life. Finding the right gift is hard though, where do you even start? Well I've gone ahead and done the searching for you and rounded up a collection of gifts to give your guy that are cool, functional and won't break the bank.

Sleepy Jones Boxers - I first bought Jeff a pair of these Sleepy Jones boxers two years ago for Christmas. He loved them so much he went out and bought a bunch more pairs and wears them for lounging and to sleep pretty much every night. These are a great way to step up your man's sleepwear style without him even realizing it.

Herschel Backpack - There are few items more functional than a backpack. They work great for a weekend trip or trekking to Brooklyn breweries to pick up can releases...just us?

Gingham Tie - Not many men like to buy new ties, do him a solid and get a new one for all the upcoming weddings you most likely have this year. I love this blue gingham one for spring and summer.

Keap Candle - We heard about Keap candles at a pop-up shop and loved what the company stood for. They make high-quality candles, at great prices and support social causes. Oh and they have awesome branding too. They do a candle subscription that Jeff got me for Christmas this past year which makes for a great gift.

Red Anorak - That springtime rain will be coming before we know it. This red jacket works great as a V-Day gift and will come in handy in a few short months when the weather warms up.

Travel Shoe Bags - Throwing your shoes into your suitcase with all your clothing is pretty gross, but how many guys actually own shoe bags? Do him a favor and clean that situation up with this set.

Fleece Hoodie - This reminds me of one of Jeff's favorite Patagonia sweatshirt, this time in a cozy cream fleece. Functional for the end of Winter but also great for chilly summer nights.

Vans - Can you ever heard someone say they have too many pairs of Vans? I love the red and burgundy combo on this high-top style.

Ray-Bans - These Clubmaster Flat sunglasses are a cool new take on a classic style. If your guy is into Ray-Bans this is a great gift to add to his collection in a fresh new way.

Growing Your Hat Collection

Hats are one of those wardrobe pieces that seem fairly unnecessary. Save for the obvious winter woolen hat, there aren’t many times that you NEED a hat, you can get by without one. On the flip side however, hats are perhaps the simplest way to transform an outfit from snooze to stylish in one swoop. I’ve been a big hat lover throughout my life. As a young girl, I was obsessed with a denim bucket hat from Gap Kids. It was tacked up at the front with a big yellow fake sunflower stuck on. Oh how I loved that hat. I was crazy about the Olsen Twins at that time and I think they wore something similar. The original influencers. Anyone else have one of those hats?

Over the course of the past years I have steadily grown my hat collection and it seems the toppers are only becoming more and more popular as the years go by. When looking to add some new hats there are definitely some different price and quality routes you can take. I personally have gone for more affordable options, simply because you oftentimes cannot tell the difference between the cheap and pricey. There are some beautiful options from established milliners like Janessa Leone and I’m sure these will last forever if you take care of them. However I still feel at a place where I don’t want to invest quite that much in a hat just yet. But maybe one day :). 

While many of my hats have come from places like Forever 21Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom, I have gotten a few from street vendors in NYC. I even bought one from a street vendor while on our way to the airport, it was just too good a hat to pass up. If you find yourself in the East Village, there is a guy selling hats at a table on the corner of 14th and 1st Ave pretty much year round. They can be hit or miss, but in the summer especially he has some great straw hats for stupid cheap.

Cold Weather Hats

In the winter I like a classic black fedora that I can pair with warm layers and scarves, like I did in this post. It matches with everything and conveys a great city-chic vibe. A few great winter fedoras currently on the market include this tan fedora, this classic wide-brim black and this darker brown style. I am on the hunt to add a lighter colored winter hat to add to my collection, either like this cream version or this light grey style. These lighter color versions are perfect for transitioning from winter into spring.

Warm Weather Hats

Once the weather warms up I am all about a straw hat, whether boaterpanama or sun style. They are practical when out in the sun all day and add great texture to summer outfits. You really only need one classic style like this option, but if you want to round out your collection you can’t go wrong with this or this.